April 10, 2014


Lykke Li Plays a Fast Food Worker in "No Rest for the Wicked" Video

With her ethereal vocals and modelesque goods looks, it's hard to imagine Lykke Li as anything but an indie-pop goddess. But the Swedish singer plays a a fast-food worker, complete with hairnet, in her cinematic new video for "No Rest for the Wicked."

Early on, she and her man dance in bars and frolick in wheat fields together, setting up a rather adorable clip - until it takes a dark, violent turn. Maybe she's not just your average drive-thru attendant.

"No Rest for the Wicked" is the latest offering off Lykke Li's forthcoming third LP I Never Learn. She recently revealed that, "every song on the album is a power ballad." Check out more from from the Swedish singer—and five other grand pop suggestions—in Fuse News host Georgie Okell's 6 Scandinavian Pop Artists Sure to Brighten Your Day feature.