April 30, 2014


Discover Mexico's Controversial Narcocorridos Folk Music

In this Fuse News exclusive, we explore Narcocorridos music and musicians like Larry Hernandez and ex-football star La Barbie.

Hernandez explains his role in the controversial genre. "There are those who are daring and those who aren't. I'm one of those risk takers. People first knew me from my Narcocorridos. I've never stopped making these drug ballads," the musician said. "Some people say it's bad, that is promotes violence. I think that it is something in our culture and it's explicitly things we see in any part of the country or news. Turn on the news and you see bodies decapitated and bloody bodies. So why not sing about what's around us?"

Unsurprisingly, authorities disagree. Private Investigator Bill Stanton has been uncovering cartel cases since 2012. "LA Barbie was so glorified in Narcocorridos songs that after he was arrested there was a photograph taken of him in a polo shirt. Many people went out and bought the exact same shirt. That's the power of this music on its people."