April 10, 2014


Nick Cannon Looks Back on His Nickelodeon Days & 'Drumline'

In the latest episode of Fuse's digital series Backatcha, we sat down with Nick Cannon and asked him to take a trip down memory lane... all the way back to high school.

Fuse showed the entertainer his 9th grade track and field photo. "I think I showed up to track twice and one was on picture day," Cannon explained. "I thought I could run the 400, which is one lap around the track—at full speed. I didn't know anything about pacing myself. I got about three-quarters of the way there and I threw up and passed out! I was like, 'This is over, I need to be in entertainment. I am not an athlete.'"

He did just that. Embracing his silly side, Cannon started working for Nickelodeon with programs like All That! and The Nick Cannon Show.

Nickelodeon was a crucial stepping stone for Cannon, who used to opportunity to pursue film work, eventually creating Drumline.

"Drumline, other than being Mariah Carey's baby daddy, is what most people know me for," he jokes. "I've got a long list of films, some of them horrible, some of them really good. I do a lot of independent fim and festival work... this film kind of checked all the boxes. People love this film. It did extremely well in the box office but it's also one of those films that comes on television every single week."

The dichotomy isn't necessarily a bad one.

"It's one of my classics. It was over a decade ago. I remember shooting this in 2001 and it was a great opportunity for me. I'm producing a new Drumline now because it's good for the culture."

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