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April 3, 2014


Nicky Romero Discusses the Dangers of Ghost Producing

UPDATE: Watch the full Nicky Romero interview above now!

In this Fuse News exclusive, Nicky Romero takes host Liz Walaszczyk to his villa during Miami Music Week to play video games and talk all things production.

"This is what we do all day," Romero jokes, putting down his gaming controller. When he's not going platinum or playing video games, Romero is producing for some of the biggest names in music. "I’ve produced two songs for Britney, two songs for Rihanna. I’m working on four songs for David Guetta’s new album. I’m a ghost producer sometimes for other people."

Ghost production, the DJ admits, causes him some concern.

"What I really don't like and what I really don't respect and support is guys that go over email to producers and say, ‘Hey, I wanna have a record and it must sound like this’ and they are not involved at all. There are a lot of DJs that do that,” Romero tells Fuse.

“They don’t even know how to make their music. They don’t even know how to start the software. That’s not right.”

To a certain extent, the Dutch DJ believes that approach belittles his art form.

“We spend so much time and effort making the sounds, making arrangements, finding the chords and everything and you just send an email saying, 'I'm gonna pay you a certain amount of money and I wanna have a song.’ It’s just insane. It happens all the time. There are rich dads in this world that just pay for their sons and pay producers tons of money to have music out there and make them a big artist. But an artist is created by creativity and originality and discipline. It is not created by money.”

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