April 18, 2014


One Direction Get Up Close And Personal in "You & I" Video

Earlier this week boy band heartthrobs One Direction announced “You & I” would be the new single from their current record. Today they released the video for the ballad, an intimate affair that has the boys at their most vulnerable.

The Brits walk down Clevedon Pier in Somerset, Britain. Each member takes a turn starring directly into the camera before turning into one another, eventually multiplying and freezing in place. (Hey, no one said it had to make sense!) Near the end of the clip we get an up-close of Harry Styles’ face—could those be tears emerging?

The single will drop officially on May 25. In the meantime, check out Liam Payne’s remix of the single (his producer name is “Big Payno.” Pretty sure we can thank Niall for that one.)