Exclusive Premiere: Watch Andrew Jackson Jihad's "Temple Grandin" Video

“Open up your murder eyes and see the ugly world that spat you out,” Andrew Jackson Jihad singer Sean Bonnette says at the outset of their track "Temple Grandin." 

The Arizona folk punk band thrive on the political, and their latest video for "Temple Grandin"—which Fuse is exclusively premiering today—is no exception.

There’s a lot going on in this clip. Andrew Jackson Jihad perform the song in a semi-circular room, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling high-definition screens flashing sketches of geometric patterns and lyrics. At one point the band is surrounded by layered images of American bald eagles which eventually give way to toilets and lasers.

This previously unreleased track is from the upcoming album Christmas Island, out May 6. In it, AJJ call out Steve Wonder, Helen Keller and the track’s namesake, Temple Grandin. 

For those unaware, Grandin is a renowned autism rights activist. Grandin was born with the development disorder but became a leading voice in both autism and animal rights. Seen as one of the first people to increase public awareness of autism, Gradin illustrated that the disorder exists on a spectrum.

Perhaps most striking in moment in "Temple Grandin" is the way Andrew Jackson Jihad mention her and the other famed figures—with the phrase “to the bulls**t.” 

Bonnette explains: “We worked really hard on this song in the studio with John Congleton. We would like to give thanks to Lil Wayne, Treasure Mammal and Aaron Cohen, the pioneers of the  '_____ to the bulls**t' trope. As for the video, there's a Moon Man in [director] Joe Stakun's future for sure. This video is the perfect visual representation of Temple Grandin. We loved every minute of making the video."

Watch it above.