April 30, 2014


Watch: Timeflies Make Fans "Swoon" on 'Trending 10'

To celebrate the release of their long awaited After Hours LP, Cal and Rez of duo Timeflies stopped by Trending 10 for a live performance of "Swoon." The Boston-based, genre-bending musicians took the stage with a mic, a turntable and plenty of energy that had fans dancing and clapping along.

Known on Twitter for their "Timeflies Tuesday" posts, which feature weekly new music, the singers gained exposure through covers and remixes of songs like "We Can't Stop," "Let It Go" and "Royals." Their cover of "Call Me Maybe" boasts over 3 million views, while "Let It Go" racked up nearly 300,000 hits in just one week. Check out all of their videos on their official Youtube channel.

Watch the exclusive performance above, and don't miss Trending 10 weekdays at 7/6c on Fuse.