April 21, 2014


Ty Dolla $ign Selects Bob Marley As His Fantasy Wingman

On his breakout hit "Paranoid" (below), Ty Dolla $ign details his player ways catching up with him. "I see two of my bitches in the club and I know they know about each other / I think these bitches tryna set me up / Maybe I'm just paranoid," he croons over the slinky beat. But in the latest episode of Hypothetically, we ask the Los Angeles singer-rapper who he'd pick—dead or alive—to ensure everything goes down super smooth next time at the club.

"I would choose Bob Marley as my wingman," the Kendrick Lamar collaborator tells Fuse. "We would definitely turn up."

And while the 29-year-old already told us that "Paranoid" is a "true story," he wouldn't forgo any memories—good or bad. When we hit him with the hypothetical question, "Would you spend one week having your wildest dreams come true if you had to forget your entire life after?" Ty offered a sound response. 

"I would rather keep the memories," he says. "Live life and take it slow. The dreams will eventually happen. I'm proof of that." 

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