April 1, 2014


YG Says 'My Krazy Life' Proves He's "More Than Just a Party Artist"

The most surprising thing about YG's startlingly good debut album My Krazy Life is how cohesive it is as a front-to-back listen. As he tells Fuse's Esteban Serrano, that was specifically his intention as he conceived the record.

"It's important," he says of making a complete album. "I felt like I had to do it, because a lot of people, when it come to YG, they feel like I just got party songs, or that I'm a party artist. So when it came time for the album I was just like, 'I'm about to show them that I'm an artist, that I got it up here with the music and the visuals and all that.'"

One crucial track is "Meet the Flockers," which comes early in an album that is structured as one day in the life of YG. The song—which comes in between the celebratory party track "Bicken Back Being Bool" and the mobbing celebration "My N*gga"—is "the 10 Crack Commandments of breaking and entering," says Serrano. YG spent time in prison for a home invasion, and he says he included this track to give an accurate portrayal of Compton.

"I was almost done with my album, but I already had the type of records I wanted to do, so I already knew what I wanted to do," he says of creating the track. "I was like 'I need a record about breaking into a house, I need to know how to let them do it.' That's how it was going into the album. I just wanted to share the experience with the people because I feel like that's a part of the culture, especially where I'm from."

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