May 30, 2014


Austin Mahone Hopes 'The Secret' Appeals to Young Girls & Older Women

Austin Mahone is hoping his new EP The Secret has mass appeal—for the ladies, that is. At the launch party for the new Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts, the singer opted to perform the acoustic cut "Shadow." 

"I chose it because I knew the girls would like it," he tells Fuse backstage at the event. "It's a slow ballad, it's just me and my guitar."

But just in case today's bubblegum stylings don't get your heart aflutter, Austin says The Secret can also woo older pop fans. "The EP's got a Backstreet Boys kind of sound, everyone loves that—especially the older girls—so I wanted to give a little taste of that," he says.  "I worked with RedOne, the Futuristics and the one song, 'All I Ever Need,' I wrote all myself."

And his plan seems to be working. Upon its release, "Shadow" hit No. 1 on the Billboard Twitter Real-Time Trending 140 chart and The Secret has already topped the iTunes Album chart—beating out Mariah Carey.

Watch the full interview above to see Austin's reactions to topping multiple charts and find out if the lady he's really trying to pursue is actually long-rumored beau Camila Cabello of Fifth Harmony.