May 16, 2014


Beyoncé "Pretty Hurts" or Avril Lavigne "Hello Kitty": Which Star Has the Best Style?

With over a decade in the biz, Beyoncé and Avril Lavigne have perfected the art of reinvention, most notable in their accompanying music videos. In the latest episode of Glam or Sham, Katie Van Buren gauges public opinion on the pop stars' latest looks.

Watch above as NYC street fashion critics give their thoughts on a pageant queen Beyonce in her "Pretty Hurts" video as well as a kawaii-cutie look from Avril Lavigne's controversial "Hello Kitty" clip.

The last episode of Glam or Sham pitted a sultry styling from Alicia Keys against Foxes' demure look, with the British newcomer winning Fuse readers' approval with more than 80% of the vote. Will Bey or Avril come out on top this week? Vote until the next episode!

Which Pop Star's Video Has the Best Style?

Beyonce, "Pretty Hurts"
Avril Lavigne, "Hello Kitty"
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