May 15, 2014


SWV Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

In this edition of Backatcha, we sit down with R&B girl group SWV (that's Sisters With Voices to you young folk!) and talk fashion and their first album.

The ladies remember shooting the cover of their first full-length, It's About Time, in 1992. "I remember when we took that picture… in SoHo? Or was it the village? And I remember being on that construction site. ‘Why are we here?’ Then we saw the picture and we’re like, 'Ooo we look tough!'" they remarked, adding, "I remember the cleats, we had on cleats. Don’t ask why but we did!" Definitely not your normal photo shoot!

SWV then discuss the video for "Right Here (Human Nature Mix)," which found them in harsh terrain once more. "It was like Haiti, it was so hot! If you see the video we look miserable! They would straighten our hair every two seconds because the heat would just make it go into an afro."


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