May 29, 2014


Bella Thorne Recalls Being "Attacked" By a Lion On Set

While on the set of Top 20 Countdown, Bella Thorne chatted with host Katie Van Buren about her new film, Blended, for which she traveled all the way to South Africa to shoot. Filming just outside the city of Johannesburg, the 16-year-old actress managed to snap a selfie with an adorable fellow cast member—a lion cub!

But don't let that adorable furry face fool you.

"It's so cuddly...and it bit me! I didn't get any diseases, but I should probably get checked," Thorne recalls. "It's in their blood to be lions ... If you're the smallest in the group, a bunch of them will get on top of you and try to play with you—so basically, attack you."

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