May 22, 2014


Watch Muppet Ed Sheeran Make it Rain at a Strip Club in "Sing" Video

Have you ever seen a Muppet throw up in a strip club's urinal? No? Now's your chance. 

British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran released his new video for "Sing" today and it features an Ed Sheeran puppet hitting the scene. He flirts with bartenders, rolls in stretch limos and makes it rain at strip clubs. 

But the finale comes when Muppet Ed ends up blowing chunks, which are actually confetti-like stars. Really, there's nothing worse than a Muppet who can't hold his liquor.

And because he's everywhere, Pharrell shows up at the end to help out with the chorus and some lighthearted cruising. 

"Sing" comes from Sheeran's forthcoming LP X, one of Fuse's 25 most anticipated albums of the summer.