Exclusive: Watch Framing Hanley's Hauntingly Dangerous "Criminal" Video

We’ve all been in relationships that turn sour. They’re exciting, fast, then suddenly bleak and miserable. Tennessee hard rock band Framing Hanley know this, and they're sharing their tale of heartbreak with the utmost aggression. If you can’t beat them… who are we kidding? Completely pummel them!

The video for "Criminal" tells a cringe-worthy tale. The night begins with a woman picking up our male protagonist at a bar. She’s forward but not too aggressive. The pair begin hooking up in the bar’s bathroom. They leave, presumably intoxicated, and head into a tattoo parlor. The woman gets something of a tramp stamp and watches her new mate flirt with a woman behind the counter. That's where things get u-g-l-y.

She manages to bring her man home but not before getting into a massive fight. She locks herself in her room, calls 911, destroys property, beats herself up and when the cops arrive, blames her boyfriend. Ouch.

All that with a vicious chorus of “You’re the drug I can’t put down / And I can’t stop / Girl you make me a criminal." The boy is broken, huh?

Framing Hanley's lead singer Kenneth Nixon tells us about the clip. "We’ve always had a great relationship with [director] Mason Dixon and as soon as 'Criminal' was chosen as the lead single, I knew that we’d be able to come up with something really different with Mason for a video. This is video number 6 and counting with him, and this is my favorite video yet. I don’t think this is a predictable video for the song and what it’s about, and that’s what we wanted to do: something different."

Watch it above.