May 15, 2014


A Day In The Life of We Are The In Crowd

In the latest episode of Fuse Follows, pop-punk band We Are The In Crowd let us follow them around New York City on the release day of their sophomore album, Weird Kids.

The Poughkeepsie group start their day at Glamour Kills, a clothing line specializing in pop-punk fashion. “They’re a popular youth clothing brand. We’re gonna go say hi to people! We’re gonna shake fans," bassist Mike Ferri jokes. "We’re gonna take pictures! We’re gonna adopt the highway!” 

On the day we filmed, the band hadn't even seen a copy of their latest full-length, but that didn't stop them from purchasing it. "I actually bought our record like seven different times in every different format. It’s like bad luck if you don’t buy your own sh*t," Ferri said. "If we don’t buy it how can we expect other people to buy it?" 

After modeling Weird Kids branded clothing, We Are The In Crowd head to Madison Square Garden to record a segment for the popular radio program, The Gunz Show.

On the way there, the band divluges the secrets to their dynamic and how they function as a group. "We have a very family-like relationship with each other. We’re always looking out for each other. We’ll talk things through if there’s an issue. I think it’s pretty healthy," vocalist Tay Jardine explains. "That’s not to say it’s easy because it’s not. I think it’s better to have a relationship where you’re always trying to better it than just ignoring it."

At the radio station, Ferri takes over, describing his experience with online commenters and their reaction to the new album. "I like to read all the comments on Absolute Punk threads, for better or for worse what people say. When the albums started to stream, the first comment was something like, 'This is a mess, this is a disaster, what a disappointment.' Then 30 or 40 comments—like 85% positive—and the last comment in thread is that same guy basically quoting himself saying, 'I think I spoke too soon. The album’s a grower. This is awesome!' I thought it was hilarious."

Jardine added, "That’s the kind of reaction I want. I want to prove people wrong. People that doubted us in the beginning."

They sure do!

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