May 14, 2014


Why Iggy Azalea Recreated 'Clueless' for Her "Fancy" Video

Aussie MC Iggy Azalea snagged one of 2014's biggest hits with "Fancy." The Charli XCX collab hit a new chart peak this week, wooing the public with its pitch-perfect music video homage to Clueless along with its West Coast electronic/hip-hop sound. The rising rapper tells Fuse that the two go hand in hand.

"I loved Clueless for this song because sonically, 'Fancy' is very L.A. sounding, you can't ignore that fact," she explains of her single. "Growing up, Clueless to me was that stereotypical L.A. Valley Girl movie, and it was very hard for me as a kid to know what was real and what wasn't real. [I wondered], 'Is that really how people in L.A. dress? Do they really all talk like that?' The line was very blurred, I really wasn't sure. I wanted to do something unexpected, but still very L.A. and West Coast as a tribute to, sonically, how it sounds."

And while Iggy says her favorite look from the vid was her yellow plaid suit—sooo Cher Horowitz—there was another piece the rapper was looking to snag from the set. 

"I really loved the baby-pink, Chanel romper I wore when I was eating lunch with Charli," she adds. "That's something I wanted to steal and own. I loved it! It's just so trashy, I was like, 'Did Chanel really make this? Is this really real Chanel?' It was and it's brilliant. I love it."

Watch the interview above for more Clueless fun and to hear what it's been like promoting her new single around the country with Charli XCX.