May 21, 2014


Iranian Police Arrest Six Over "Happy" Video Recreation

Turns out not everybody loves Pharrell's "Happy."

Last month, a group of young Iranians uploaded a recreation of the R&B star's video, which racked up several hundred thousand views and, from a Western eye, seems pretty harmless. 

But reports are coming out that Iranian police arrested six individuals involved in the video. While no direct reason has been given yet about their arrest, Mashable points out that the participants are not wearing traditional Muslim hijabs, which could be a factor. They are reportedly out on bail now, but forbidden from speaking to any media.

The BBC reports that police chief Hossein Sajedinia said the "vulgar clip" had "hurt public chastity," according to the ISNA news agency. Iranian news has since broadcast clips of people they claim are the participants (their backs are to the camera) saying they were told the filming was for a feature film and that it was not to be published. 

Not surprisingly, an online campaign under the hashtage #FreeHappyIranians has begun. Pharrell weighed in on the situation late yesterday: