May 21, 2014


Watch Shirtless Justin Bieber Rapping Tupac at Cannes

Justin BieberBoxing match crasheralleged cell phone snatcher and now, shirtless rapper at Cannes Film Festival.

According to reports, MC Bieber hopped on the mic at club in Cannes, France earlier this week. But instead of spitting about the bottles of champagne he was popping (he's only 20, but the legal drinking age in France is 18), he decided to perform Tupac's "Dear Mama" from 1995's Me Against the World (a sentiment Justin probably identifies with at this point). 

While we're sure his mother was proud, we're not so sure Tupac's mom is crazy about the troubled pop star paying tribute to her late son. 

Ah, never a dull moment in Bieberland.