May 19, 2014


What's the First Thing Kat Dahlia Would Do If She Were a Man?

Based on her bold R&B breakout hit "Gangsta," we knew Miami singer-rapper Kat Dahlia was tough enough to roll with the hardest dudes. But in the latest episode of Hypothetically, we ask the 23-year-old the first thing she'd do if she was actually one of them.

"If I were a man for one week what's the first thing I would do?" she wonders, before deciding, "I can't say that." Of course, your friends at Fuse were ready to push for the answer.

"I would probably masturbate," she decides, before cracking up into a fit of breathy giggles. "Just to see what it's like, what it feels like!

"I think I'm good at it... but I don't know if dudes enjoy it!"

Watch the hilarious interview above for more hypothetical questions—and more of Kat cracking up—and find out why the Timbaland collaborator prefers animals to humans.

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