May 14, 2014


Nick Carter & Jordan Knight Explain "Sexy" Collaborative Album

NKOTBSB fans praised the boy band gods when two members of America's most beloved groups announced a joint duo project just last month. Backstreet Boys hottie Nick Carter and New Kids on the Block lead singer Jordan Knight are teaming up for Nick & Knight—a "sexy, funky, rhythmic" take on the usual boy band hooks, according to Carter. The guys tell Fuse how their musical bromance came about.

"We were talking about doing a joint solo tour because Nick does solo music and I do solo music," says Knight. "When I was going to meet him, I was thinking, 'It would be cool if we just did a record together. That would be a twist!' When I met up with him we started talking about touring, and Nick just came out of the blue and said, 'We should do a record together' and I was like, 'I was thinking that!' It's meant to be."

Carter adds that their debut album—dropping September 2—is the result of genuine musical admiration. "We are so proud of this record," the BSB member says. "For me, it's exciting to know that I have someone who I can lean on who has such great musical tastes that I trust. With that trust and allowing him to lead the ship—and I do it in my degree, as well—we've been able to come up with some really good stuff."

Watch the full interview above to find out how far back Nick and Jordan go.