May 16, 2014


Paul McCartney Teaches a Robot to Dance in "Appreciate" Video

When the robot uprising finally occurs and we all become slaves to their mechanical, code-based whims, will they at least remember us with a nice museum? 

If you're Paul McCartney, the answer is yes. The former Beatle released his new video for "Appreciate," a song off his latest album New. The sterile clip features a human-sized robot named Newman who explores the homosapien culture of the past. On exhibit in this future Natural History Museum is Macca as part of a living diorama.

But a good musician is nothing to be gawked at in a museum. Sir Paul breaks free and convinces all the other human dioramas to join in on some awkward dancing and backing vocals, proving that if nothing else, humans are much better at grooving than dumb old robots will ever be.