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Exclusive Premiere

Exclusive: Watch Nova Rockafeller's Ridiculously Fun "1990s" Video

The punky rapper scores a 'Saved By the Bell' veteran for a retro cameo!

Nostalgia for the '90s is in full swing, but the retro wave didn't have its own theme song—until now.

Enter Nova Rockafeller and her pop-punk-meets-hip-hop anthem "1990s." It's a ridiculously catchy song with a deliriously fun video that Fuse is excited to exclusively premiere today.

In the neon-lit clip, Nova Rockafeller raps about everything from pagers to Spice Girls to Zack Morris to The Offspring. "I don't take no emails / You can send that sh-t on paper," she says, recalling the nearly unimaginable pre-Internet era.

Here's what Nova had to say about the creative process behind the video: "I like videos a lot and I also really like Cookie Crisp. My second favorite cereal is Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch. At the '1990s' video shoot we ate burritos, which I don't really like but I try to stay open minded."

So there you go. Watch it above and stick around for a Saved By the Bell cameo at the very end. You won't be disappointed.

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