May 19, 2014


Exclusive: Watch Nova Rockafeller's Ridiculously Fun "1990s" Video

Nostalgia for the '90s is in full swing, but the retro wave didn't have its own theme song—until now.

Enter Nova Rockafeller and her pop-punk-meets-hip-hop anthem "1990s." It's a ridiculously catchy song with a deliriously fun video that Fuse is excited to exclusively premiere today.

In the neon-lit clip, Nova Rockafeller raps about everything from pagers to Spice Girls to Zack Morris to The Offspring. "I don't take no emails / You can send that sh-t on paper," she says, recalling the nearly unimaginable pre-Internet era.

Here's what Nova had to say about the creative process behind the video: "I like videos a lot and I also really like Cookie Crisp. My second favorite cereal is Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch. At the '1990s' video shoot we ate burritos, which I don't really like but I try to stay open minded."

So there you go. Watch it above and stick around for a Saved By the Bell cameo at the very end. You won't be disappointed.