May 6, 2014


11-Year-Old Performs Mind-Boggling Dance to Sia's "Chandelier"

Sia's first solo single in four years—the explosive torch song "Chandelier"—details the singer's past struggles with alcoholism and how she would "throw em back, til I lose count." 

So on paper, it's a curious decision to enlist an 11-year-old ballerina to star in its accompanying visual. Curious, that is, until you watch the video.

In the "Chandelier" clip, Maddie Ziegler of Dance Moms fame acts out a routine that details someone—perhaps specifically Sia—going mad from addiction. Dressed like a patient, Ziegler makes crazy faces at the camera, thrashes around an apartment and runs her hands all over face. But the unusual motions are coupled with her agile leaps, spins and splits that make the mess incredibly beautiful. Is there a deeper message here?

While Sia doesn't show up in her own video—a clause in her contract stipulates she isn't required to do any promo for her songs—Ziegler does don a blonde-bob wig, a style Sia's rocked for years.

"Chandelier" is the lead single off Sia's sixth album 1000 Forms of Fear, said to drop in June.