May 22, 2014


Steve Aoki Spills Details on 'Neon Future' Double Album

When Fuse News host and EDM connoisseur Liz Walaszczyk caught up with supertstar DJ Steve Aoki in Miami, all the focus was on the Californian's new album. 

Aoki tells us that Neon Future—which will be released on August 15 around the time he's playing Madison Square Garden—will actually be a double album. He goes into detail about the concept of the record, which involved Aoki interviewing tons of professionals in different fields that interested him. He says the second part of the album should come out next year. 

Aoki notes that each of the records have different soundscapes and storylines, and lets us know that Linkin Park (with a new song, not "A Light That Never Comes"), Snoop Dogg and many more will make guest appearances on the project. "I love working with artists that I grew up listening to and I love working outside the box," he says. 

Learn more by checking out the full video interview above!