May 6, 2014


Iggy Azalea: "Rita Ora Is Always Harassing My Butt!"

Fresh off the release of her long awaited debut album The New ClassicIggy Azalea stopped by Trending 10 to chat about her upcoming "Black Widow" video with British star Rita Ora—who apparently has a thing for Iggy's famous booty.

"She touches my butt all the time," the Australian rapper revealed. "Rita is just always harassing my butt. But she has boobs, and I don't have any boobs. That's why we make an awesome duo—together, it's truly the best of both worlds!"

Unlike the video for the album's lead single "Fancy," "Black Widow" won't be a movie remake. But rest assured that Iggy, who's always visually inspired by films, still plans to drop classic film references throughout the production.

The hip hop star also talks about her recent tweet that accused the media of being two-faced. Basically, if you're a music dude in your mid-30s who wears Crocs, don't expect free tickets to Iggy's shows.

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