May 9, 2014


6-Year-Old Twins Perform Adorable K-Pop Dance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'

Ellen DeGeneres has a knack for finding incredible talented, totally adorable kids—just check out British rapping cousins Sophia Grace and Rosie. Now, meet Taiwan's Zony and Yony, the six-year-old twins who could be the next munchkins to go viral with their astounding cuteness and dance skills.

Ellen first took note of the girls' YouTube cover of the uber-catchy K-pop hit "Bar Bar Bar" by Crayon Pop—the Korean girl group Lady Gaga is bringing on her ARTPOP tour this summer—which you can watch below. 

Nearly two million YouTube views later, Ellen invited the sisters on her talk show for an adorable interview—watch the twins explain how to tell the difference between them here—before their spot-on performance of "Bar Bar Bar," which was a viral sensation in South Korea last summer. Watch the original music video below. 

The audience clearly ate up, supporting the girls throughout the whole performance despite (probably) not understanding a word of the K-pop song. 

If you're looking for more Zony and Yony, you're in the luck: The twins will be back on Ellen next week to perform again. Can we put in a request for "Falling in Love"?