June 2, 2014


Watch Kill Hannah Frontman's Solo Project Wrongchilde's "Birds of Prey"

Reinvention is hard but it's not impossible. Kill Hannah frontman Mat Devine used to croon over girls with lips like morphine in his glam alt-rock band before pursuing a solo career, eventually settling on the Wrongchilde moniker. He'll be the first to tell you: this is not the same style of music.

"Birds of Prey" is a brand new song from his upcoming solo debut Gold Blooded. The song is bathed in an '80s electro-pop haze, more goth than dance. The video plays off these melancholic themes—we see Devine in scuba gear, walking along the bottom of the ocean and on an empty beach. He looks morose, lonely even.

He's seen dumping water in a barrel while under water, playing with sea urchins, baby crabs and starfish. Near the end of the video he strips, exposing both his skin and the words "Birds of Prey" written in sand. 

Devine tells Fuse about the highs and lows of shooting the "Birds of Prey" music video at the Matador Beach in California. "We had some really amazing luck. The big weird bird that walked up and hung out with me for 20 minutes, the crab that crawled on my face... it was a magical day, and Niko [Sonnberger, director] crushed it. What you don't see in the video is the Russian scuba rental woman screaming at me for how much I damaged the scuba tank and gear. That wasn't fun... or cheap."

As for the song itself, Devine explains how thoughts about the food chain and moral relativism inspired his lyrics. "Try to imagine life from the point of view of a rattlesnake or a bat or a spider or a hawk. Imagine the curse of having to kill cute rodents with your talons and beaks every day to survive. I mean seriously… f--k that on all levels. Good and evil are completely relative," Devine says. "Who would you rather be... the spider or the fly? Both destinies suck."

Watch the exclusive video premiere above!