June 30, 2014


Watch Bad Things Perform an Acoustic Version of "End of the Road"

You likely know Shaun White as the kick-ass snowboarder who's defied every law of gravity we know in the name of shredding—but he also moonlights as a musician, taking lead guitar duties in Los Angeles-based rock band Bad Things

The group released their self-titled debut this year and we got our hands on this exclusive live acoustic version of the album's closing track, "End of the Road." The band recently recorded it as a part of Guitar Center's At Guitar Center With Nic Harcourt podcast. 

"We wrote it while we spent a couple months living in New York, getting a fresh change of perspective from our home in Los Angeles," the band tells Fuse. "It's a song about the acceptance, support and encouragement we all get from the people we surround ourselves with. While we were back home, we decided to make an acoustic version of the song that we recorded ourselves to share with everyone, and this is a live version that the folks at Guitar Center were kind enough to record so we could share it with you all."

Check out the clip above for an exclusive take on "End of the Road."