June 30, 2014


Where Would B.A.P Take Their No. 1 Fan on a Date?

Since their debut just two years ago, B.A.P have been wooing fans worldwide. But in the latest episode of Hypothetically, we flipped the script and asked the K-pop boy band how they would impress their No. 1 fan on a date.

"I would take them to our concert venue at our performance in a nearby section," says powerhouse vocalist Youngjae. "Having a fun time at the concert with her would be fun. Maybe I would just keep singing in front of her?" And if you're parents want to tag along, Youngjae says he'll put ma and pop "in the comfortable seats." What a guy.

Member Jongup is looking for a magical experience. "If I could spent time with one fan, I'd like to go to Disneyland," the group's lead dancer decides. "Since I haven't had the chance to go, it would feel like a dream land. So if that fan gets to go, I think it would be a great memory."

Meanwhile, member Himchan is happy on the East Coast. "I would come to New York," he says. "Among all the busy people, we would just hang out and relax." 

Do we have any takers? 

Watch the full episode above for more hilarious hypothetical questions and find out whether the boys want to meet aliens in the future. Watch the band's latest music video to the folky, harmonica-led pop track "Where Are You?" below.

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