June 30, 2014


Watch This Drummer Cover Six Blink-182 Albums in Five Minutes

The Internet is a wild and crazy place where people do whatever they want and upload it for the world to witness. Sometimes, that results in something truly remarkable.

Above, you can watch a video of a drummer named Kye Smith covering nearly all of blink-182's discography in exactly five minutes. We're no strangers to Smith's antics–he's previously posted medleys of full-catalog covers from Green DayNOFX and even an epic 20-minute video of every Epitaph Records release.  

In his newest medley, Smith tackles every blink full-length from 1995's Cheshire Cat to 2011's Neighborhoods, hitting all the huge singles and nearly every song from those releases. Watching the video hammers home how iconic and instantly memorable some of those Travis Barker fills really are–and it's an awesome way to revisit the band's history in one short burst.