June 17, 2014


Why The Avett Brothers Won't Work With Professional Singers

North Carolina roots rockers the Avett Brothers have been on a tear recently, with back-to-back albums produced by Rick Rubin, including last year's critically-acclaimed Magpie & the Dandelion

"The record is kinda all over the place," the band tells Fuse's Esteban Serrano backstage at Bonnaroo this past weekend. The band says "Morning Song" in particular benefited from Rubin's years of production experience—he suggested they bring in a chorus of their friends and family to help out. "The idea to have multiple voices on it was perfect," they recall. "The idea of the lyric was, 'You have to find your own way, you have to pass over alone.' We all agreed that was terrific." 

"We ourselves are barely professionals," they add. "If we brought in professional singers, it would make us sound even worse. 

The band draw on a bevy of traditional country and rock influences, but still find inspiration from modern artists like Langhorne Slim, Regina Spektor and Lucinda Williams. Or as they say: "True blood, American song. No hub bub." Watch the complete interview above.

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