June 23, 2014


Take a Golf Cart Tour of the Bonnaroo Grounds With Cherub

"We want to kick it with people," says Cherub's Jordan Kelley. "I think it's weird when bands don't want to kick it with the people that help them not have a real job. These people are helping us live the time of our lives."

It's a profound statement from the guitarist of the breakout Nashville synth-pop duo, and as you can see in this video from this year's Bonnaroo, the guys are all about mingling with the common festival folk. Here Fuse's Esteban Serrano takes them on a golf cart tour of the Bonnaroo grounds, where they take pics with fans and describe their rise from former festival volunteers to performers. 

"There's obviously some [situations] where it's a little overwhelming," Kelley says. "But for the most part people just appreciate kicking it. Getting drunk and partying. People are people and so are we."

Words we can get behind. 

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