Colbie Caillat on Finding Inspiration From Babyface, Ryan Tedder

Colbie Caillat fans got a treat earlier this month when the singer-songwriter dropped her new EP Gypsy Heart Side A—a five track preview of her forthcoming new album—by surprise. And for the Grammy-Award winning musician, it seemed like the right thing to do.

"I think I was ready and didn't want to wait anymore," she tells Fuse. "By releasing it this way, I want people to hear the first five songs and get to know those songs. In a few months, the rest of the record will come out.

"I'm so impatient," she adds. "I loved it when Beyonce did it and you wake up and it's there." 

For her new material, Caillat said she wrote over 60 songs and found inspiration in working with Babyface and Ryan Tedder. "They all help me get out of my shell, my comfort zone," she says. "Trying new sounds and writing about possibly embarrassing things." For this and more behind Gypsy Heart Side A, watch the video interview above!

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