June 14, 2014


Believe It Or Not, Deafheaven Cite Wilco As An Influence

With the release of their acclaimed sophomore album Sunbather, Deafheaven won over the masses with a combination of gorgeous guitar melodies with crushing rhythms and throat-ripping vocals. Catching up with the guys at Bonnaroo 2014, we gained further insight about their distinctive sound with the San Fran band revealing a slew of surprising inspirations. 

"We're all very interested in hooks and incorporating that to black metal is an interesting thing to all of us," says guitarist Kerry McCoy of a sound he describes as "putting Wilco through a [veteran metal bands] Godflesh-and-Swans filter."

Adds guitarist Shiv Mehra, "We both listen to a lot of pop music and there's ways of incorporating it to be heavier. Wilco uses beautiful chord structures which you can make more black metal."

"From the drummer's standpoint, it's still going to be very fast and very brutal," says drummer Daniel Tracy. "Don't worry about that."

Watch the full interview above to hear about the band's experiences at 'Broo and on the road. Don't miss all of Fuse's on-the-ground coverage at Bonnaroo right here