June 24, 2014


Fuse Favorite: Watch G-Eazy on Fuse All Week

With his new album These Things Happen out this week, G-Eazy swung by Fuse to talk about the disparate influences that influenced the Bay Area rapper's eclectic sound.

"My mom was a huge Beatles head," G-Eazy says. "But around my friends growing up, hip hop culture was everything. In my world, that's the culture and energy I fell in love with. But at home, my mom would be playing [Beatles]. I always wanted to combine completely different worlds and create something new out of it."

After moving from California to New Orleans, G-Eazy says that flavor became part of his sound, too. "I'll always represent the Bay," he says. "But moving to the South, I was exposed to that energy and sound in New Orleans, and combined that into my sound."

The rapper-producer also explains how his track "Far Alone"—which you can check out below—was influenced by hyphy and a British indie band. "I learned to reincorporate the hyphy drums I grew up on and mold it into the current landscape [of my album]," he says, adding that "Far Alone" has a "reverb-y guitar part [similar to] The xx."

Watch the full interview above and buy These Things Happen on iTunes now.

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