June 9, 2014


Cody Simpson Thinks Justin Timberlake Would "Really Like" His New Music

Before becoming a teenager, Cody Simpson was watched by thousands via his YouTube channel, covering hit songs and, later, releasing his own material. But on the new episode of Hypothetically, the booty-baring star tells us that if he could handpick one person to subscribe to his channel he'd pick Justin Timberlake—one of the first artists he covered back in the day

"If I could play my music for one person on earth these days, it'd probably be Justin Timberlake," he says. "He's amazing, he's a great entertainer."

Admiration aside, the "Surfboard" singer also thinks that JT would be a wise choice and envisions the MJ collaborator getting down to his new material. "I think he'd really like some of the stuff I've been working on," Simpson adds.

Watch the full episode above for more hilarious hypothetical questions and find out why Cody is super interested in learning foreign languages, but not keen to communicate with animals. 

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