June 12, 2014


Jennifer Lopez Details the Studio Session That Landed T.I. on Her 'A.K.A.' Album

Jennifer Lopez is gearing up to release her 10th studio album A.K.A. next week with a slew of special guests including T.I.Iggy AzaleaPitbullRick Ross and more. While we're pretty certain anyone would be dying to get on the momentous record, none proved their enthusiasm more than Tip.

"We were in the last moments of putting the album together," J.Lo recalls of a 2:00 a.m. session recording the song "A.K.A." that double as the album's title. "I had just decided to name the album A.K.A., we're listening to the song, we had a bridge on it already and I was like, 'This needs something. It's going to define a lot of what the album is...' In my mind I was like, 'What about T.I.?' It just came to me."

Fatefully, the "First Love" singer had just shot a video with the rapper's piano player (likely referring to the "Emotions" visual) who told J.Lo & Co. that the Grand Hustle honco was in a studio around the corner.  

"Three minutes later he walks in the door!" J.Lo says. "He's like, 'They told me you want to play me something?' I said, 'Yeah, yeah! This is the title track to my album. If you don't like it, no hard feelings. Walk right out of here, it was so good to meet you. But if you like it, I would love for you to get on it.' And he's like, 'You want me to do it right now?'"

And the rest—as soon we'll soon hear when A.K.A. drops—is music history. Watch the full interview above and check out our complete guide to the record here.