June 18, 2014


Jennifer Lopez Reflects On The 15th Anniversary of 'On the 6'

Hard to believe it's been fifteen years since the world first heard "Let's Get Loud" but On the 6Jennifer Lopez's first album ever, is solidly a teenager. Now with an astonishing 10 full-length records under her belt, you'd think she'd get tired of performing the old songs. But you would be wrong!

"Every time it's about making something fresh and new for the audience. They want to hear the stuff that they love," Lopez said. "When I go to concerts, when I see artists, I want to see them sing the songs the way they are. I don't want them to mess with them too much. It's just in the choreography, the lighting, the creative direction of the show, how we group the songs together and what worlds we create. Where are we right now? We're in the A.K.A. era. It's '90s, supermodel inspired. It kind of has a throwback feel so let's incorporate the musical concepts of that. From there you grow with something fresh and new all over again."

Who could say no to that? 

Earlier this month, J.Lo performed in her native Bronx. The homecoming performance used green lasers—and a lot of them—just like in the "Waiting For Tonight" video. "[Green lasers] just became so signature to that song and that time. I think that was the first time anyone had used them in a video that way."

The pop star has had an impressive career, but still looks to her first album as a major turning point in her life as a musician. "On the 6 will forever be my first album, my first foray into music, when my dreams of becoming a recording artist came true. That time was such a moment in time. It was such a signature moment for me as an artist. I didn't even know it at the time. I know it now." 

She continued, "When we play those songs, the response from that, still, is insane. 'Let's Get Loud,' 'Waiting For Tonight,' 'If You Had My Love,' we remixed it with a new song, 'Girls.' It's kind of a burlesque-y moment. Those moments and the 'Jenny From the Block' moments are always going to be fan favorites. They are mine, too."

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