June 20, 2014


La Roux on New Album: "It's Emptiness Where There Once Was Joy"

Five years ago, La Roux broke out with their self-titled debut, fueled by singer Elly Jackson's infectious vocals on radio staples such as "Bulletproof" and "In for the Kill." This summer, she's finally back with a new album called Trouble in Paradise. Jackson recently chatted with Fuse about the writing and recording process. 

"I want it to be less autobiographical than the first one," Jackson says. "This one's more observational, but some of it is personal. Almost painfully personally."

Such is good news for the outspoken British pop star, and she hopes the tracks resemble her emotions and mood. "The best way to describe it is emptiness where there once was joy," she says. "I think it will be a longer game. I don't think it will get the short fuse response as the first record. Hopefully it will grow with people a little bit more."

Trouble is Paradise is out July 22. Watch the full interview clip above!