June 16, 2014


Lucero Talk Endless Touring, New Live Album

Country punks Lucero could be the hardest working band around. They're constantly on tour, they're constantly writing music... there's no stopping them! We caught up with guitarist Brian Venable at Bonnarroo and talk endless touring, playing the festival circuit, recording a live album and more.

"I think it’s with any of the festivals especially you get to see people you haven’t seen in a while or being in a touring band you don’t get to see a lot of," Venable explained. "Every band you haven’t seen and every friend you haven’t seen for a year is here."

There's no shortage of festivals for them to play, and the sheer number of live shows inspired them to make a full album of those recordings. " I figured at some point it would be fun to have a live record. We have all these old records… When you think of “Freebird” you don’t think of the studio cut." That's true!

What's in store for the future? More touring! "We’re doing the Newport, Rhode Island folk fest which for us is great. We’re playing Red Rocks with the Avett Brothers. It isn’t a festival but it’s Red Rocks so it might as well be. I try not to know too far in advance because then it feels like I never get to go home."

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