Guitarists George Lynch & Chris Broderick Demonstrate Picking Techniques

Guitarists George Lynch & Chris Broderick Demonstrate Picking Techniques

In today's new episode of Metalhead To Head, self-described "gear heads" Chris Broderick (Megadeth) and George Lynch (DokkenLynch MobKXM) sit down to talk influences, what's coming up in their careers and more. Watch Part 1 of the episode above and Part 2 below!

Broderick lives up to his title as a gear head by demonstrating his patented thumb pick mechanism–a device that can take any basic guitar pick and attach it to the user's thumb. It makes for easier switching between normal picking, finger picking and tapping–and Broderick gives us some pretty insane demos on how he uses it. 

The duo get deep into their history in metal and their influences, with Lynch stating that he took in a lot of influences when he was younger through "osmosis"–simply by listening to his favorite bands and playing along to their records. 

Lynch steers the discussion toward how artists evolve as well, saying "I think it's wonderful when fans allow us to change." He notes that many fans are "conservative," wishing that their favorite bands would re-write the same records over and over again, but oftentimes that isn't what the artists want to do.

Broderick will be touring with Megadeth around the globe this year (dates here), and his focus will be on the band throughout the foreseeable future. Lynch is working on a new band called KXM with Korn's Ray Luzier and King X's dUg Pinnick, making a new Lynch Mob record and touring with them, and a whole lot of other stuff–watch the episode to see what else he's getting into!

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