June 23, 2014


T-Pain, Michelle Williams, Saves the Day & More Remember Michael Jackson

When Michael Jackson unexpectedly passed away five years ago, it stunned the world. It's safe to say any fan of pop music can remember exactly where they were the moment they learned the King of Pop had passed.

His influence is so great that artis from every genre—pop, rap, R&B, punk, metal and more—are indebted to him. So Fuse asked everyone from Michelle Williams to T-Pain to Omarion to Saves the Day to Nico & Vinz to the Devil Wears Prada to tell us where they were when he passed and why they loved his music.

While metalcore outfit Devil Wears Prada show us a Michael Jackson tribute tattoo, T-Pain recalls MJ chowing down on a bag of potato chips when they hung out and the collab that never was. "At the time, I was just about to collaborate with him. I was that close to being in the studio to collaborate with Michael Jackson on a song for my album. That sucked."

To hear what Michelle Williams, Omarion and a variety of Warped Tour bands have to say about MJ, watch the full interview above.

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