June 10, 2014


Why Did Nico & Vinz Carry Blurry TV Sets in Their "Am I Wrong" Video?

It may have taken over a year for Nico & Vinz to cross the pond, but the R&B duo has won over millions outside of its native Norway. Their "Am I Wrong" music video boasts nearly 19 million Youtube views and was the most Shazam-ed song at one point. Filmed in Botswana, the scenic production features hidden messages that manifest via static, retro television sets carried by both singers.

"We wanted to inspire people to find themselves," Nico explained to Fuse host Katie Van Buren. "In our case, it was about figuring out what we wanted to do as artists, so we had to find each other in the video. You'll notice that the [faces] are blurred on the TV, but the closer we get to each other, the better the connection gets. It's just a symbol of finding out who we are, finding each other."

Vinz added that he and Nico wanted to show a different side of Africa through their video. Rather than the "poverty and negative stuff," the beauty and energy of Botswana were the primary focuses of "Am I Wrong."

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