June 10, 2014


Why "Am I Wrong" Duo Nico & Vinz Want a Kanye Collaboration

Norwegian pop duo Nico & Vinz have a contender for Song of the Summer with their African rhythm-inspired single "Am I Wrong" (listen below). With their intricate harmonies, Nico Sereba and Vincent Dery deliver positive messages like, "Always do what you decide / Don't let them control your life." With such an uplifting lead single, some were a bit shocked to hear the duo were dying to collaborate with the King of Controversial Rants, Mr. Kanye West.

"I think society needs people who speak their minds and have the guts to say whatever they feel," says Nico. "As far as a collaboration, I think it'd be really interesting to mix what we are and his innovative sound. He's a great producer, right? Just mix up these two very different worlds and see what comes out of it."

Vinz says, "It could work, it might not work. It'd be interesting to see." We agree and we're down.

For those dying to hear "Am I Wrong" live, the guys hinted a tour is on its way. "We have to finish this album first," Vinz points out, but adds, "We hope we got a tour this fall." 

Watch the full interview above for behind-the-scenes details about their "Am I Wrong" video, shot on location in Botswana, and more. Then watch the official vid below.