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Porter Robinson "Puts Emotion and Beauty First" on New Album 'Worlds'

The DJ and producer gives Fuse plenty of details on what to expect from his new album, which drops August 12

Porter Robinson made plenty of headlines earlier this year when he announced his new album, Worlds, via a 10-hour-long YouTube teaser. Most of that time was spent looping a robotic voice reading the album's title, but from that point, we knew to expect something different from the American DJ and producer. 

In this exclusive interview, which you can watch above, Robinson tells Fuse more about Worlds and the new sound he's exploring. "A little introspection showed me that my favorite music ever is stuff that is sentimental and nostalgic and pretty and fast," he says, mentioning that he took influence from video games he played growing up in the '90s for parts of his new music. 

Robinson continually goes back to the word "beautiful" to describe Worlds – "I knew from the beginning that I wanted to write an album that put emotion and beauty first," he says. While he doesn't completely write off the popular dance sound that made him a prominent name in the EDM community, he admits that his new work "is totally not meant for DJs to play at all," and says that was something worth compromising to make a record that called back his influences. 

Worlds arrives August 12 via Astralwerks. 

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