June 19, 2014


Rita Ora Flips Through Early Career Moments, Hangs With Kate Moss

For this installment of BackatchaRita Ora shares some snaps that capture some pivotal moments from her career and some famous friends as well! Ora opened up about her first red carpet moments, vacationing in the countryside with Kate Moss and intimate backstage moments when her first big tour was getting started.

The first shot—which features a beaming Jay Z just before Ora sprung on the scene—is a "sick!" shot, according to the singer. "I got signed, I got looked after by the Family, and it was the first time I felt like I was gonna be okay," she recalls. "I remember Jay telling me, 'You're gonna be fine!' I just felt at that moment really lonely, because I had left my mum and dad in London. I had no family out there, and those are all the sisters of an amazing friend of mine. Honestly, there's nobody on this planet that made me feel safer than this photograph right here."

Her first time on the red carpet at the BRIT Awards wasn't so rosy of a memory. "I changed my dress last minute! As you can see, my face looks like I'm getting whipped by lashes of wind. I was so nervous, but, you know, it was a good experience. But yeah, all I remember is being really scared! In the last half hour I didn't like my dress, so I changed it."

In case anyone's wondering, those twin buns she's sporting in this backstage snap weren't copping Miley Cyrus' style. "Just for the record, this was done before Miley Cyrus, before anyone wants to say anything! This was for my first tour, in 2013. I'm wearing Jeremy Scott... that was just a moment I had to myself, like, 'Whoa, I'm having my own tour.' I like this photo because it caught me in the moment of being like, 'It's actually happening.'"

And finally, a euphoric moment of R&R with Kate Moss and her best friend, Kyle, is one of her most treasured photos of all. "That was a moment where were having a conversation and it was, I don't know, 9 [o'clock] in the morning, and we woke up, and we were just happy to be alive. We were in a field, and we had breakfast, and it was just about us just feeling free, and talking without feeling pressured and thinking anyone around us would listen, because there was nobody there. We could speak freely and act as we chose."

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