June 2, 2014


What World Record Is UK Pop Band Rixton Keen to Break?

With their catchy debut single "Me and My Broken Heart" (below) already a Top 40 hit in America, British pop-rock band Rixton are seeing their hardcore viral marketing and touring paying off. But when we asked the guys what world record they'd like to hold, it'd be one to prove them true musicians. 

Drummer Lewis Morgan decides that Rixton would attempt "the most live shows in a day," but then raises the stakes even higher. "How many shows we can do in a day... in different continents." Trying to outdo Hunter Hayes, perhaps?

"I really like the mad ones," says bassist Danny Wilkin. "Like, how many washing machines you can throw over a meter in a minute. I would want how many pegs can you get on your face at the same time." 

And to keep everyone happy, lead singer Jake Roche says, "We'll break music records and you'll be there with pegs on your face."

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