June 23, 2014


Sage the Gemini Has a Zombie Apocalypse Plan

On Sage the Gemini's debut Remember Me, the Bay Area rapper takes listeners through a barrage of clever beats and vivid storytelling—which makes him a perfect candidate for Fuse's digital series Hypothetically, where we pose a series of over-the-top questions to artists and see what happens. 

Should Sage ever face a zombie apocalypse, he knows how to prepare himself. "Guns, knives and grenades," he said. "You get them all in a circle and you throw a grenade. No leftovers. Pow!" 

He also explains why he'd much rather discover Bigfoot over aliens. "I like beef jerky and I don't think the Bigfoot dude likes people eating Bigfoot," he said. "I don't know what the aliens are capable of." 

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