June 2, 2014


T-Pain: "I Created 'Stoicville' After Finding Out My Son Is Autistic"

It's been three years since T-Pain last dropped an album, but the beat maker is ready to grace our ears with more bangers via Stoicville: The Phoenix, his forthcoming fifth LP. The rapper-producer stopped by Trending 10 to chat with host Zuri Hall about the inspiration behind his new album—his son.

"Stoicville is a city in my mind that I created. It's basically like my happy place," he explained. "I created it after I found out that my son is autistic. When [autistic people] get frustrated, they cover their ears and close their eyes, and they go to this place. I figured that maybe I need to try that—I get frustrated a lot."

When asked what the final results were, T-Pain confirmed that Stoicville had helped him deal with hardships, something that he hopes the album can do for his fans.

"Everybody that was there was just stoic; nobody was worried about anything. Everybody was chilling."

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